Croquet Instructor-Event Manager

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CareerSource Palm Beach County
Teach various clinics for National Croquet Club members for beginner and intermediate players, with
as needed.
Coordinate with the Director of
to assure that all event clients are properly cared for; that croquet courts needed for events are set up properly; that the croquet aspects of events run smoothly, and that croquet instruction is provided by volunteers.
Attend corporate or other third-party croquet events unless other satisfactory arrangements are agreed to by the Director of Events in advance.
Coordinate scheduling and instruction with the NCC Membership
and NCC Croquet Committee.
Set up, take down, or move wickets on courts as needed for various uses throughout the day, or arrange for a substitute if conflicts arise. This requires using a 5lb weighted hammer and is precision work.
Assure that after play is concluded at day's end, and in advance of storms, that all courts including "the back nine" are cleared of balls and equipment, chairs are stacked to prevent wind damage; deadness boards, clocks and mallets are properly stowed.
Coordinate with Grounds Management to close or rotate court usage as necessary to allow for mowing, rolling, verticutting, fertilizing, spraying,
, or resting of the lawns. Manage the sprinkler system, controlling the watering cycles, special watering needs and ensure that lawns are properly irrigated. Notify the Grounds, Facilities, and Equipment Manager immediately when any component of the Sprinkler system requires attention.
Communicate, in advance, the schedule of any lawn closings and the reason to the resident club's membership, CFA staff, and USCA staff (if affected), and indicating such times on the court sign-up sheets and the calendar.
Working with staff Keep the equipment shed neat and orderly with all flammable materials safely stored. Consider the need for occasional use as the "Castaways Bar" during season for various events.
Prepare a quarterly status report for the CFA Board that lists accomplishments in the prior quarter and outlines plans for the upcoming quarter, timed to be available about 1 week in advance of the quarterly CFA Board meeting.
Prepare functional Status Report every week from Sunday through Saturday and present by Monday of the following week.
Coordinate with Grounds Staff to prepare an annual budget by month, with monthly updates by the 25th of each month, covering projected needs for supplies and equipment, and income from court usage fees.
Close the facility or and ensure that at day's end, arrangements are in place as to closing and locking the facility.
Sharing and rotating work days during the week ensure that either the Grounds, Facilities and Equipment Manager or the Croquet Instruction and Tournament Manager or other Inside Staff is on the premises at all times. Daily Hours: TBD, could be staggered based on need. Dress Code on the courts is croquet whites, including hats and shoes, except when doing court, building or equipment maintenance.

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